Kalpana Ek Avishkaar Anek

Kalpana Ek Avishkaar Anek-The most unique concept in the world of One-Act Play Competitions…

Vinodi Ekaankika Spardhaa

The smile is the curved line that puts everything Straight & Laughter is the best medicine…

Natya Lekhan Shibir

Due to advent of television in the entertainment scenario most of the play writer’s have…

Hindi One-Act Play

Indian National Theatre has been organizing Inter-Collegiate One – Act Play Competition…


Astitva, the existence! is a step towards providing avenues and platform to the young and budding talents. It gives an opportunity to all the people to chisel out the art and capability to perform in front of the audience like you.


Astitva does not restrict itself to any specific crowd or group of people. It has always been that we have tried to overlook the barriers of any age group and have now organized various events of Theatre and Performing arts.


Astitva was established in 1996 with an idea of promoting street play competitions and over a period of time with utmost support from eminent firms & Sponsors; has been able to conduct various workshops, seminars, performing art events, Inter-Collegiate Drama Competition in Hindi and Marathi languages.


Astitva is committed by its assurance to the deserving people and thus abiding by the promise keep on conducting various events that would either directly benefit the talents or would provide a scope to develop in an implied way.


Astitva; believes to be a leader of general management and not master of a specialized skill set. Thus you will find us in almost all the activities that are part of a big platter of Performing Arts.