Natya Prashikshan & Natya Lekhan Shibir

Natya Prashikshan & Natya Lekhan Shibir

Natya Prashikshan & Natya Lekhan Shibir

Due to the advent of television in the entertainment scenario, most of the play writer’s have shifted to writing for television media which has left a vast scope for new young writer’s to express their talents in playwriting like one-act plays and full length plays. Astitva is providing these new young writers an arena where they can mend and sharpen their skills in writing and learn the technicalities involves in playwriting. The writing workshop which they are organizing now will be a grind to get the best out of the concepts and scripts developed by various writers for the competition are for other platforms.


ASTITVA conducts its Theatre Orientation (Natya-Prashikshan) & Play Writing (Natya-Lekhan) Workshop for all aspiring talents of the society. This workshop is not a regular workshop that keeps you busy on all the evenings; the time that everyone tends to spend their own way should not be grabbed by us. So to ease out the pressure from the hectic schedule and timed out city life; we conduct these workshop only on Saturdays and Sundays.


Astitva Natya Lekhan Shibir is a unique weekend workshop in writing commercial, science fiction, comedy and fantasy play in the Marathi Language. The workshop is intimate, intense, and features extensive time spent with best-selling and award-winning authors and professional editors currently working in the field. Astitva’s Natya Lekhan event concentrates on the art of writing plays by eminent and acclaimed authors of the Marathi Theatre World.


Representing various genres and eventful experiences with them; the faculties would conduct this interactive workshop to assist budding writer’s brush up their skills in writing good, meaningful and commercial plays. Conducted by eminent theatre personalities & stalwarts; the teaching encourages an informal and supportive workshop atmosphere. During the sessions, instructors and participants interact in one-on-one, group critiques, and lectures. The emphasis at first is on critiquing the participants understanding and notions about their ability of playwriting; later, the emphasis shifts to interactions and thought process, conceptualizations developed during the 2 Days session. Even when not actively engaged in teaching or critiquing, instructors often share general conversation with the participants.


The Natya Lekhan Shibir experience is more than the workshop itself; it also includes the sessions to exhibit participants interpersonal skills and their abilities of playwriting. Taken all together, they create a learning environment that’s perfect for helping you reach your writing and publishing goals.

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